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“Robyn Shumer is Johnson & Johnson’s ‘go-to’ storytelling coach. A successful TEDx speaker, she enthusiastically shares the tools acquired during her preparation along with a listening ear that hears what’s said and unsaid and guides storytellers through the process of finding their voice, their style and their WHY. Robyn offers honest and skillful feedback and is also a committed mental health advocate and National Ambassador for Project HEAL.”

~ Craig Kramer, Johnson & Johnson Mental Health Ambassador


“Storytelling 101 offered a ton of helpful hints relevant to any public speaking engagement. The presentation skills covered by Robyn’s approach help presenters of any kind to organize their thoughts, clarify their message, and keep their audiences engaged. My students and I loved this workshop!”

~ Erin Klemme, Founder PS108.org and GLOW Yoga Center

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“My public speaking class was excited to welcome Robyn Shumer as a guest professional oratorical clinician. Robyn shared her TED Talk, a compelling personal journey, from which she modeled various practical approaches to storytelling, effective rhetorical techniques, and constructive feedback to aid and encourage the students in shaping their own speeches. Our experience with Robyn empowered the students to harness their individual stories and find their unique voices, adding to the toolkit of public speaking strategies they have acquired throughout the school year.”

~ Dr. Michael Sunga, Teacher of English at Livingston High School

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"Robyn facilitates with compassion, genuineness, and clarity in "What's Your Story" and "Storytelling 101", as she guides attendees to develop the skills to consider in sharing their own stories for personal and/or social growth. In particular, her bravery in speaking about struggling with mental health, infertility and adoption will always remain one of the highlights of my volunteer experience at The Jewish Heritage Museum. Were we all as generous as she, perhaps we would be a much kinder world. I greatly hope to work with her again - perhaps in sharing my own story!”

~ Grace Toy, Audience Member, and PR Chair, The Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County


I went into my first "what's your story" event feeling equal parts nervous, excited, and totally unprepared. Yes, I knew there was a huge community of storytellers in our community but I had no idea what to expect, beyond what I had heard from WYS's amazing founder, Robyn. Within the first 10 minutes I was completely and utterly transfixed by the speakers and the experience. Each person walked on stage with an open heart, an authentic voice, and a willingness to let me - and everyone else in the audience - see a piece of their soul. After years of practicing yoga, I suddenly felt like I could understand the power of clearing my throat and communicating from a place of presence, power, and peace. I am forever grateful to WYS for helping us raise money and awareness for the Global Mala through a night of storytelling and, even more so, I am humbled by the everything I heard, saw, and felt. WYS was transformative. if you have the chance to work with them, or attend an event, do it!

~ Bridget Riepl - Founder of the NJYC and VibeWell


“I joined @whatsyourstoryusa and shared my story of eating disorder recovery. Sharing my story wasn’t only beneficial for me, but I was able to help raise money for @projectheal, who help people with eating disorders receive treatment. The amount of love I received from a room of complete strangers was something I’ll never forget!”

~ Vanessa Dickerson, What’s Your Story Speaker


“What a magical evening! Thank you to everyone who came out to support this event for our organization, “Because She Is". It will forever be a wonderful memory etched in my heart forever! And to the storytellers...BRAVO, BRAVO!!! Your heart and souls were laid bare and I will never forget the courage you exhibited by sharing your incredible stories.”

~ Maureen Spataro, Founder of Because She Is