Listen to some of our featured storytellers share their intimate insights. These speakers are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and take action.

Featured Stories


And God Laughed

Lisa Ferraro, Rahway, NJ


Why Not Me?

Austin Morreale, Highland Park, NJ

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Out of the Shadows

Michelle Dickinson, Westfield, NJ


An Uplifting Talk

Comedian VINNIE BRAND Middletown, NJ

Did you know funny guy Vinnie Brand has a deep side? This talk will make you laugh and is deeply meaningful, too.


Sobbing Over Sweet Potatoes

Dillan DiGiovanni Frenchtown, NJ Instead of crying over spilled milk, Dillan cried while chopping sweet potatoes. It was a big breakdown that led to a major breakthrough for his health and happiness.

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Choosing to Thrive

Alexandra Russomono Philadelphia, PA This talk focuses on the practice of channeling your core values in your decision-making to intentionally thrive every day!

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A Plastic Free Town

Andrew Dalton Highland Park, NJ He started an environmental non-profit in sixth grade. Listen to him tell the story of WHY and HOW.


Airport Day

Robyn Shumer Highland Park, NJ It’s Robyn’s face the first time she saw her son when she met him at Newark Airport for Airport Day. Watch the video and if short on time, the magic starts around 4:39.

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Moving Mountains

Kara Richardson Whitely Summit, NJ One woman's journey of the most common, least talked about eating disorder to recovery (and her many blisters along the way).


We are our brains

Angela Andrews Flemington, NJ

Neurodiversity acceptance allows everyone to reach self- actualization and be their best selves.

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The Triumph of Mediocrity

Alena Bloom Highland Park, NJ This entertaining and humble speaker may remind you of a famous TV character known as the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! Alena shares her story of transitioning from mediocrity to triumph and will make you laugh out loud.

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Trafficking - It’s Anti-Human

Elisa Torres Metuchen, NJ Elisa will immediately engage you with true stories and facts about human trafficking. She offers the audience ‘humane’ ways to shop.


It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Jackie Alligood Tewksbury, NJ Jackie shares the heartfelt story of living to tell the story of four primary cancer diagnoses and how she turned cancer into gifts that guide her as a leader.


Happy Fourth of July

Susanne Peticolas Highland Park, NJ A nyone with an interest in the refugee crisis should listen to this powerful talk about providing pro-bono legal aid to a refugee.


When Opportunity Knocks

Zach Schleien New Brunswick, NJ

Zach’s talk will inspire you to be the change you want to be and to take action. Learn how Zach raised over $30,000 for NAMI.


The Magic Within

Amy Flax Westfield, NJ

Amy is a new storyteller who has a bright storytelling future! In this heartfelt talk she will be so authentic and real that you may feel uncomfortable; then your angst will transform into applause as this physical and mental athlete takes you on a journey.


What’s Your Story

Robyn Shumer Highland Park, NJ Robyn will make you laugh and cry as she reflects on 3 life events that shaped her.