What's Your Story?
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Calling all Storytellers!

Do you have a story to tell?

We can find truth and understanding through sharing our unique experiences and stories. Unfortunately, many of these stories go untold. Let’s create a new storytelling initiative that challenges us to open up to others and generate lasting, meaningful, personal and social change. Every event raises money for a non-profit.

STORY TELLERS NEEDED for April 7th and April 13th. Email wysusa@wysusa.com with your idea!

Upcoming Events

Feb 20 What’s Your Story Virtual "Storytelling 101” - raising $ for ProjectHeal TICKETS

Feb 26 @ The Stress Factory Comedy Club - raising $ for ProjectHeal & NEDA TICKETS

March 16 @ Crossroads raising $ for becausesheis.org TICKETS


Dollars Raised for

3 non-profits @ 3 Events



stories told and 100’s of connections made



events scheduled


Our Partners in Fundraising

Every What’s Your Story Event Raises money for a nonprofit organization. Check out who we’ve supported thus far!


9.22.18 @ Pino’s Wine Bar in Highland Park, NJ - fundraising for Project HEAL

11.29.18 @ The Johnson and Johnson Powerhouse New Brunswick, NJ - fundraising for the March of Dimes

12.1.18 @ The Factory Fuel, Co. Flemington, NJ - Raising awareness about CaringCrowd(R)